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Oct 26, 13 · admin · NCIS Los Angeles Season 5 Spoilers · 0 Comment

Actual LOL!! Can I get some Kensi and/or Deeks scoopage? Thanks for all the NCIS: LA love, Sandra! — Jadyn In an upcoming episode, one of these two is going to get help for a very serious problem that’s usually reserved for male celebrities who get caught cheating on their wife: sex addiction. Yup, in […]

You can get Part 1 of this exclusive TVFanatic.com interview here. Densi time! Since the beginning of NCIS: Los Angeles, there’s been an ongoing focus on telling Callen’s story. In the 100th episode, Callen found out more about his father and even got a glimpse of a happier time when they were together. According to […]

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Got any more news about Kensi and Deeks’ relationship on NCIS: Los Angeles? — Brittney ADAM: Executive producer Shane Brennan says he plans to stretch that story out for most of the season, noting that the couple will talk around their feelings rather than dealing with them, which could lead to trouble. “It comes to […]

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Question: Got any scoop on NCIS: LA Deeks/Kensi? —Katie Ausiello: It’s time for another round of “Is This Just a Coincidence or Am I Onto Something?” Earlier this week, NCIS: LA EP Shane Brennan told Matt Mitovich that “there’s quite a shocking moment in Episode 10 that throws everything awry, and then for the next […]

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First, Cote de Pablo exits NCIS and now this? The heart can only take so much. Tonight, NCIS: Los Angeles celebrates 100 episodes, and when we spoke to the cast about reaching that milestone they dropped a bombshell on us. By the end of this season, someone on the cast won’t be around anymore. What […]

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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: WILL KENSI HAVE A BUN IN THE OVEN? Just because Daniela Ruah has a baby on board doesn’t mean her NCIS: LA counterpart will as well. In fact, says exec producer Shane Brennan, if all goes according to plan, viewers won’t even be able to tell that Ruah is carrying around more […]

NCIS: Los Angeles reaches a notable accomplishment when its 100th episode airs this week. In anticipation of the milestone, creator and executive producer Shane Brennan jumped on the phone to speak with TV Fanatic about this pivotal episode, “Reznikov, N.,” along with the next installment in Callen’s family history. Check back after the episode airs […]

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Very big things are ahead for Deeks and Kensi this season on CBS’ NCIS: Los Angeles — but does that include the starting of a family? In the wake of Deeks’ torture at the hands of Sidorov (which came on the heels of his and Kensi’s first real kiss), the NCIS partners have grown closer […]

Several lives (and perhaps a bit of love) were left in jeopardy as CBS’ NCIS: Los Angeles wrapped its fourth season. Tonight at 9/8c, the drama picks up right where it left off, with Deeks being brutally tortured for intel on Quinn and Sam’s wife dangling from a window ledge. (As previously scooped, Michelle is […]