Welcome to the first unofficial Portuguese/English fan-site for the portuguese-american actress Daniela Ruah. She is currently starring in the worldwide famous CBS tv show NCIS: Los Angeles. We have no affiliation nor do we represent Daniela in any way. This is just a work of a fan. ENJOY!
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Foi hoje lançada uma nova entrevista com Daniela Ruah, desta vez para o podcast do “Expresso” A Beleza das Pequenas Coisas. Ouçam, abaixo, a entrevista completa. ___________________ Portuguese newspaper “Expresso” just released a new podcast interview with Daniela Ruah. I will attempt to make a little summary of the most important things: In this new […]

Em Outubro de 2019, Daniela Ruah foi convidada para uma entrevista do podcast do jornal “Observador” Conversas de Fim de Tarde. Cliquem na imagem abaixo e ouçam a entrevista completa. __________________ Back in October 2019, Daniela Ruah did a podcast interview for the portuguese newspaper “Observador”. During this interview she addressed the political environment nowadays […]

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Sister-in-laws Daniela Ruah and Sarah Wright Olsen did another podcast on Doctor Berlin´s show Informed Pregnancy, to tell the birth story of their second babies: Sierra Esther and Esmé Olivia, respectively. Daniela shares the details of her incredible journey with a last minute breech baby. And Daniela´s husband Dave was there too! 🙂 You can […]

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The first part of Daniela Ruah´s podcast interview with Dr. Berlin from Informed Pregnancy has just been released. Stay tuned for more on this soon 😉 Dr. Elliot Berlin sits down with actress Daniela Ruah and Celebrity Fitness Trainer Patrick Murphy for a fun and informative look at staying fit during and after pregnancy while […]

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Spend your Labor Day enjoying Motherhood in Hollywood´s exclusive podcast interview with NCIS: Los Angeles star Daniela Ruah! She’s about to give birth to baby #2 any minute so she’s got A LOT of great info for moms. She shares what it’s like starring on a hit CBS show while pregnant, ,what it was like […]