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Safe Haven (2009)

A Short-Film by Nico Raineau


A child of foster care, James Samson has struggled to provide a better life for himself and his sister and now faces a major promotion as a medical resident. When an ex shows up pregnant with his child and plans to abandon it through the baby safe haven program, James must decide if becoming a father is worth sacrificing everything he has worked for. James’ character is brought into question as he weighs the importance of his career aspirations with the call to action of fatherhood. Providing a better life for his sister and his niece has been the main motivating factor in pursuing a medical career, but everything changes when he himself becomes a father. James knows from experience that no child deserves to grow up in the state care system, but it would be impossible to balance a demanding career while raising a child. Does he do what is right by his baby and bring her home under financially grim circumstances, or does he continue to provide for his family by taking his promotion? At the 25th hour, James must make a choice.

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Daniela as: Angela Bowery
Other cast: Richard Caines, Idara Victor, Scott Winters
Directed by: Nico Raineau
Written by: Nico Raineau
Produced by: Gregory Hutchinson, Emil Lamprecht, Eric Linger, Martin Zaharinov
Run time: 21 min.
Official Links: Official Link | IMDB


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