Daniela Ruah Fans
Feb 17

Watch this behind the scenes video of “The Greatest Super Bowl Commercials” show, with co-hosts Daniela Ruah of NCIS Los Angeles and CBS football analyst Boomer Esaison.

HOUSTON – Behind the scenes of The Super Bowl Greatest Commercials show, co-hosts Daniela Ruah of NCIS Los Angeles and CBS football analyst Boomer Esaison kind of kept us in the dark.

“I’m just telling you, it’s gonna be a wild show,” Esaison said.

Online they polled fans and asked them to choose the best of ten. Five represent Esaison’s over-the-top, bigger is better theme.

“I want pyrotechnics. I want horses. I want all kinds of crazy things in my commercials,” Esaison said.

The others fit Ruah’s ideal: small, simple heart-string tuggers.

“We live in a real world, people. Not the big bombastic one. Less is more,” Ruah said.

To please everyone, you’ll see more than a top 10 countdown. Their show includes another 30 to 40 memorable spots.

“There are those classics like Mean Joe Greene, the classic spots from FedEx or from Budweiser ,that we know have to make the show,” said producer Bob Horowitz.

There’s also a special appearance. Cindy Crawford in Houston celebrating her eye-grabbing Pepsi commercial’s 25th anniversary at Esaison’s request.

But what really counts, especially to ad agencies, is the show’s winner — a secret until show time.



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