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Welcome to the first unofficial Portuguese/English fan-site for the portuguese-american actress Daniela Ruah. She is currently starring in the worldwide famous CBS tv show NCIS: Los Angeles. We have no affiliation nor do we represent Daniela in any way. This is just a work of a fan. ENJOY!


One fair aspect of NCIS: Los Angeles is that the show is all about gender equality when it comes to putting its characters in jeopardy, so this week its female agent — Special Agent Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) — is transported to a nuclear missile launch facility to try to stop a takeover in what could turn out to be a suicide mission.

“It is a big episode for Kensi,” Ruah tells Parade.com in this exclusive interview. “She ends up being the only person able to solve the crime we are looking into. She basically dated the guy, who took over a military launch control facility, and the FBI, at this point, is desperate. They don’t know who to call because he doesn’t have family, except a sister and Kensi, who he dated ten years ago and she hasn’t spoken to him since. They are hoping she can go in there and talk to him. It ends up that she is the only one who has the training and the physical size to do something about the situation.”

The rest of the team doesn’t even know what’s happening as they are back in Los Angeles, but little by little, they begin to put the pieces together and do what they can from a distance — but Kensi’s fiancé and partnerL.A. P.D. Detective Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) is out of his mind with worry.

“Assistant Director Mosley [Nia Long] calls Kensi in privately and says, ‘You are going to go to this place. Something is going on over there and you have to go.’ Kensi has no information until she gets there, but on her way out, she tells Deeks. She is not supposed to but she doesn’t want to leave him hanging. She says, ‘This is what I’ve been told. Do what you can.’”

Kensi isn’t the only woman in jeopardy on the hit CBS naval drama. At the end of last week’s episode, former operations manager Henrietta “Hetty” Lange (Linda Hunt) was taken prisoner in Asia with the plan to auction her off to the highest bidder. Ruah says that not much about Hetty will be revealed in this Sunday’s episode, but it is definitely a developing story.

“It’s following in the footsteps of a lot of the great storylines on our show, where seeds are planted and scenes are just drips here and there in different episodes, until it culminates into a big episode where we go and figure everything out,” she says. “That is a story that is definitely in development and will be shown to the audience sooner rather than later actually.”


Source: Parade Magazine

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