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Sep 13

Daniela Ruah é o novo rosto da Worten, assumindo assim na nova campanha publicitária da marca o lugar antes ocupado pela também actriz e apresentadora Cláudia Vieira.

A actriz da série norte-americana “Investigação Criminal: Los Angeles” estreia-se como embaixadora da marca no anúncio televisivo da campanha que celebra os 17 anos da insígnia do Grupo Sonae.

Worten Aniversário Crédito – spot TV HD from Paulo Segadães on Vimeo.

A vaga de comunicação, desenvolvida pela FUEL, produzida pela SYNC e com sonorização da Índigo, dá destaque ao crédito e tem por base o conceito “Preços de Arromba”. “Esta nova campanha mostra os personagens do Clube dos Preços Worten a arrombar, literalmente, uma festa pouco animada, levando consigo os preços baixos e tudo aquilo que a Worten oferece: novidades, muita tecnologia e boa disposição”, descrevem os responsáveis da marca.

A campanha irá estar presente em diversos meios, nomeadamente televisão, imprensa, rádio, online, exterior e ponto de venda.

Foto: Fernando Piçarra

Fonte: Imagens de Marca

Sep 13

Chris O’Donnell is the star of a hit TV series, a husband and doting dad of five, but has seamlessly been able to do it all and still find time to support a good cause.

“It’s just about priorities more than anything. My family will always be my first priority and work is right up there,” the NCIS: Los Angeles star, 43, told PEOPLE on Monday as he wore his orange shirt in honor of Hunger Action Month.

“Orange is the color of hunger. I’m just going out and helping [ConAgra Foods] raise awareness, getting people involved with social media to spread the word by taking pictures of any sort of orange moment [and] posting it on different social channels with the hashtag #orangeforhunger,” shares O’Donnell.

With a full schedule, O’Donnell is quick to admit he’s not “getting to coach all of [the kids’] sports teams like [he] used to, but any free time goes to them.”

They even occasionally visit dad on the Paramount set. “If we’re on the lot in Paramount and it’s a slow day, I love having the kids pop over even just for a quick visit. The little ones aren’t that interested in me, they’re more interested in craft service,” says O’Donnell with a laugh, “but the older ones are generally interested in the process.”

O’Donnell’s kids – Lily, 14, Chip, 12, Charlie, 10, Finley, 7½, and Maeve, 5½ — aren’t the only NCIS: L.A. babies though. Costar Eric Christian Olsen and his wife recently welcomed their baby boy, while Daniela Ruah just announced she and her husband are expecting their first child.

When asked if his costars were ready for the sleepless nights, O’Donnell jokes that “[He] has been coming in with some bags under his eyes. Eric is right in the thick of it.”

But as for mommy-to-be Ruah, O’Donnell says, “She’ll get there. She’s just so excited and amped up, getting her little nursery ready at home.”

The best piece of advice O’Donnell can offer the two? Get the little ones in a routine right away.

“I can’t say that I was the one responsible for getting them on a schedule — that was my wife,” says the actor. “But having witnessed it over and over, the quicker you can get your kids on a schedule for sleeping, napping and eating, it makes life easier for everybody.”

– Mariah Haas


Sep 13

Several lives (and perhaps a bit of love) were left in jeopardy as CBS’ NCIS: Los Angeles wrapped its fourth season. Tonight at 9/8c, the drama picks up right where it left off, with Deeks being brutally tortured for intel on Quinn and Sam’s wife dangling from a window ledge. (As previously scooped, Michelle is not easily felled.) Here, showrunner Shane Brennan previews the physical and emotional fallout, his big plans for a milestone hour and hints at a midseason surprise.

TVLINE | As the new season opens, obviously we’re not getting rid of Sam and Deeks. So I guess it’s not a question of will they survive, but how they survive?
That’s correct. It is always hectic to come out of these things and explore what the implications are — not just for them, but for their relationships with others.

TVLINE | Are you going straight into it, or are you going to show us everything fine and dandy and then give us “12 hours earlier…”?
No, we pick it up where we left off, roll straight into it and it’s pretty full-on, for want of a better description. There’s a big surprise in it. When we think that they’re about to be rescued, maybe they’re not. It gets pretty brutal for the guys. And then there are the ramifications of that, which certainly ripple very deeply into the season.

TVLINE | Eric Christian Olsen told me that Deeks has his most honest conversations ever with both Sam and then later with Kensi.
And there is a lot to talk about. The second episode is very, very emotional. And in Episode 4, there’s a scene between Hetty and Granger, where they’re talking about Kensi and Deeks, and basically Hetty says, “Partnerships can be tricky.” So it really cuts deeply into this season, and there are some very, very big surprises and big turns. This is probably the most laid-out season we’ve ever done. We know every turning point of this season and it really is quite powerful.

TVLINE | What does Kensi think about what Deeks has gone through? Does it give her a bit of a scare?
It gives her a big scare. And because everything was predicated by the kiss, a very unexpected kiss, there are two things to be discussed or to be handled. The first is: How will Deeks physically and mentally come through this? Once that is kind of resolved, then there is the elephant in the room, the kiss, which is clearly just between Deeks and Kensi. As a consequence of both the kiss and what happened to Deeks in the finale and what happens to him in the opening episode, their relationship goes to a new level. It continues at that pitch right through the season and then takes a most unexpected turn at the back end of the season. It takes a very, very interesting turn. I mean, really interesting. This is a big act for the season, Kensi/Deeks, and we’re moving it pretty rapidly through the season. When I say “moving it,” their relationship goes to a new level, to a place that a lot of these shows don’t go. And obviously, we take another step in Callen’s journey…

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Source: TVLine

Sep 13
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Today marks 4 YEARS since Daniela Ruah Fans started… now that I’ve said that out loud, it just sounds crazy! Thank you to all of our amazing readers who have been with us since the beginning and to those who have joined us along the way.

Faz hoje 4 ANOS que o nosso site nasceu…parece incrível já ter passado tanto tempo! Um grande obrigada a todos os nossos fantásticos visitantes que têm estado connosco desde o início e a todos aqueles que se juntaram a nós pelo caminho.

Sep 13

What’s better than a whole day of NCIS: Los Angeles? Join the cast as they host a marathon of their best undercover missions. Watch the NCIS: Los Angeles marathon, all day Monday, September 23rd, only on USA Network.

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