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Apr 13

Thanks to NCIS LA Source, we now have the latest promotional stills for episode 4.23 “Parley”, to be aired May 7th. Enjoy 😉

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Apr 13

Hi guys!! Welcome to the very first edition of Fanmade Sunday, a new section on our site where each week several fans will have the opportunity to showcase their Daniela Ruah inspired work. This first week, we´ve decided to display a variety of oil paintings and pencil portraits inspired by Daniela. Aren´t these fantastic? 😀


by SempreAmore


By ReneGarJ


By Francisco Sequeira


By Sofia Marques


By celebritysketches


Stay tuned for next week´s edition and don´t forget to keep sending in your submissions to us at danielaruahfans@gmail.com!

Apr 13

Last night was the NCIS Los Angeles Season 4 Wrap Party, and the cast and crew (except for Linda Hunt and Chris O´Donnell) were in attendance. The event took place at The Emerson Theatre in Los Angeles and…judging by the photos, the party was a blast!
Check the gallery for more pics.

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Apr 13

Another positive review for PROOF, this time by Alina Abramovich from the Daily Trojan! Here´s what she had to say about Daniela´s performance:

Ruah delivers an especially standout performance, taking the character in a more vocal and visceral direction than often seen while also infusing Catherine with a childlike sense of vulnerability and fiery spirit.

Read More HERE.

Apr 13

In the last few days, I´ve updated the gallery with some more pics of Daniela Ruah during her performance of “Proof”, at the Hayworth Theatre in Los Angeles. Stay tuned for more pics soon 😉

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Apr 13

Eis os scans de uma entrevista da revista Exclusiva do Verão 2012 feita a Daniela Ruah, onde a actriz fala de si, da sua carreira e da sua recente ligação à marca automóvel Audi.

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Apr 13

PRE-FINALE EPISODES | The April 30 episode guest-stars Andrea Roth (Rescue Me) as “a part of Hetty’s past that we’ve hinted at before,” showrunner Shane Brennan previews. “You’ll also see something we haven’t seen before [when] something Callen learns about Hetty leads to a moment that is angry. Callen literally just attacks her. It is quite the confrontational scene.” Then on May 7, when Deeks goes undercover with a beautiful woman (CSI: NY’s Jeananne Goossen), “Of course there is some jealousy for Kensi — especially when Deeks, being the ‘Method’ undercover agent that he is, tries to play it as real as possible! It puts pressure on their relationship and at the same time lights the fuse for the finale.” Speaking of which….

MAY 14 SEASON FINALE | Titled “Descent,” featuring encores from both traitorous CIA vet Isaak Sidorov (Sons of Anarchy’s Timothy V. Murphy) and “The Chameleon” (Highlander’s Christopher Lambert) and necessitating a shuffling of NCIS partners, Brennan touts the hour as “the most powerful finale we’ve done — and we’ve done some pretty powerful ones, so that’s saying something. It’s also the darkest one by a long, long way.” Teasing two possible (and none-too-small) fatalities in the finale, he stresses, “It really ends in a dark, scary place. I’ve warned you!”


Apr 13

The first reviews for “Proof” starring Daniela Ruah are out! Read what the critics are saying so far 😉

Bryan Buss at EDGE Los Angeles:

David Auburn’s Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning play “Proof” premiered in Los Angeles for a limited engagement at the Hayworth Theatre with a haunting and spare production. Directed by Aliah Whitmore and sensitively acted by Daniela Ruah in the central role, the four-character story is a complex meditation on the fine line between genius and madness.

Ruah plays Catherine, a 20-something left adrift after the death of her gifted mathematician father, Robert (James Whitmore, Jr.), for whom she cared through the mental illness that defined the end of his life. Catherine, a math whiz herself, struggles with living in her father’s shadow as well as the fear that she may have inherited her father’s psychosis. Her life is upended when she meets Hal (Dustin Seavey), an ex-graduate student of Robert’s, who finds a brilliant-if-it-can-be-quantified proof, and when her sister Claire (director Whitmore) decides to sell the childhood home Catherine still lives in.

A major player on the hit television series “NCIS: Los Angeles,” Ruah gives a nuanced performance navigating romantic feelings for Hal, thoughts of her own failure (her father was already successful by the age she is now), frustration at the sexism in the world of mathematics, and terror at being uprooted from the only home she’s known. She’s both introverted and outspokenly straightforward, the two of which are each masking her pain.


Gil Kaan at Culture Spot LA:

Whitmore Eclectic mounts David Auburn’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play “Proof” at the Hayworth Theatre for a limited engagement.

“Proof” centers on Catherine, a possibly brilliant mathematician who may or may not have inherited her father Robert’s mathematical genius and/or his mental illness. Putting her own college education on hold, Catherine has been her father’s caretaker for the last five years. He has long bouts of madness with intermittent spurts of sanity. Catherine justifiably (or not) resents her older sister Claire who gets to live her own life in New York, all the while paying the many bills to support the unemployed Catherine and their demented patriarch in Chicago.

Present-day action takes place around Robert’s funeral, with flashbacks to various periods of time Catherine has had real conversations with her father alive (as opposed to imaginary conversations with him as an apparition).

“NCIS: Los Angeles’” Daniela Ruah has the unenviable task of making Catherine sympathetic enough to want to spend almost two hours in a theater with her. James Whitmore, Jr. plays Robert as an oft-times lovable oaf with spells of intellectual virtuosity amidst his frequent states of confusion. As Robert’s protégé Hal, Dustin Seavey succeeds in conveying his enthusiastic determination to uncover the significance in his mentor’s writings. Seavey also nails the geekiness in his so un-slick seducing of Catherine. Aliah Whitmore imbues Claire with just the right blend of sisterly concern and frustration with the ever-pendulant, combative Catherine. Whitmore also doubles as director, directing her two leads to perform their lengthy speeches with high intensity and volume.


These are such great reviews! Congrats to Daniela and the entire cast and crew for a job well done!
“Proof” runs through May 12 at the Hayworth Theatre, 2511 Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles.