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Jan 17

Read this fascinating new interview with Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen, conducted by Glamour magazine.

NCIS: Los Angeles is not typically known for wading into This Is Us territory. After all, it’s a hugely successful procedural drama about the high-stakes world of a division of NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) that captures dangerous criminals who pose a threat to United States security. In other words, storylines about adoption, acting, or weight loss typically aren’t part of the narrative—and that’s totally fine. It’s a hour of escape each week into a world that most Americans don’t experience. Still, throughout the show’s eight-year run, the series—at its core—is about four unlikely special agents who truly are the epitome of love and family. From the bromance of Sam and Callen to the romance that is Densi, the show has succeeded because of the characters and the actors who play them.

But now, NCIS: Los Angeles is getting attention for something else. The writers are going deeper than ever before with Special Agent Kensi Blye (played by Daniela Ruah), who suffered a life-altering injury at the start of the season. Since then, we’ve seen her struggle with the mental and emotional repercussions, which have played out over the entire season—not just in a very special episode.

“It’s really a wonderful thing that they are taking the time to highlight a character as strong as Kensi,” co-star Eric Christian Olsen (Deeks) said on a recent set visit. “She’s dealing with things that on paper are almost insurmountable. Watching such a strong character navigate that—and not playing the one dimensional, like I’m going to be better in one or two episodes—[is crucial],” Olsen explained. “Hands down, it’s the best work Dani has ever done on the show. [This story with Deeks and Kensi has] been some of my favorite moments on the show ever.”

In last night’s episode (on January 8), viewers saw Kensi sit down with the team psychologist and come to grips with some tough questions—mainly, whether she’ll ever be able to return to work and be 100%. As Kensi pleaded for her job—and her future—the struggle of someone who relates so much of her self-worth to her career became all the more poignant and raw.

“This is one of the most intense and rewarding arcs I’ve played on this show,” Ruah said during a break from filming. “She is me; I am her. I really like [being able to show] emotions that I don’t normally feel.”

Ruah isn’t the only one. Millions of viewers also feel a personal connection to the character, as evidenced by the “Densi” fandom and Blye’s approach to life. So, what’s next for their beloved special agent? And what was it like for Ruah to take on this story? Here, she reveals all.


Source: Glamour

Jan 17

The “NCIS: LA” team scrambles as Callen, Sam, Deeks & Granger are arrested by different agencies on the same day, next Sunday 1/15 at 8pm PT only on #CBS.

Jan 17

Two years later, the NCIS: LA team is back at The Paley Center for Media.

It was announced today that the 2017 PaleyFest LA will take place at the Dolby Theatre from March 17 to 26.
Events lineup include a special NCIS: LA cast panel, scheduled for March 21st at 7.30pm.

Tickets Info:
1/9 Presale at 9am PT (for Paley Supporting/Patron Members and Citi cardmembers).
1/11 Presale opens to Individual Members;
1/12 On sale to the General Public.

Get more info HERE.

Jan 17

Na CARAS desta semana, não percam uma entrevista exclusiva com Daniela Ruah. Esta 4ª feira nas bancas.
Confiram os scans no link da galeria abaixo.

In this week´s CARAS magazine, a new exclusive interview with Daniela Ruah.
Check the scans at the gallery link below. And read the english translation 😉

Em vésperas de começar um novo ano e quatro meses depois do nascimento da sua filha Sierra Esther, fomos descobrir a fórmula da felicidade de uma mulher que não se deixa deslumbrar nem desfaz o sorriso. Daniela Ruah dá uma entrevista exclusiva à CARAS e partilha fotos do seu álbum pessoal, incluíndo a foto de capa, da autoria de Jennifer Tunberg.

Gallery Link:

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Dec 16

DanielaRuahFans wishes a very Happy Birthday to little River Isaac, who turns 3 years old today 🙂
O nosso site deseja os Parabéns ao pequeno River Isaac, que completa 3 aninhos no dia de hoje 🙂

Dec 16

Dr. Elliot Berlin sits down with actress Daniela Ruah and Celebrity Fitness Trainer Patrick Murphy for a fun and informative look at staying fit during and after pregnancy while starring on the high action hit TV show NCIS: Los Angeles.

Part 1 had already been released last week, but you can listen to it again on this Youtube video.
Informed Pregnancy Podcast released Part 2 yesterday, featuring actress Daniela Ruah. Hear her take on the common stereotype of pregnant women being “fragile.”

And stay tuned for the 3rd and final part of this fun podcast interview soon.
Update: the final part of the podcast has been posted. Enjoy 😉