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Apr 14

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Daniel Henney Guest Stars as Paul Angelo, the Undercover NCIS Agent

“Three Hearts” – When an undercover NCIS agent is suspected of working for the smuggler he’s supposed to be investigating, the team takes him into custody to find his true intentions. Meanwhile, Kensi and Deeks discuss their personal relationship as Kensi returns to the field, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Tuesday, April 15 (9:00-10:01 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Daniel Henney guest stars as Paul Angelo, the undercover NCIS agent.

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Apr 14

As promised, here is the final outcome of the Baby Book project. Thank you once again to all who participated and supported this idea 😉

Tal como o prometido, aqui vos deixamos o video com o resultado final do projecto do Livro de Bebé organizado pelo site. Muito obrigada a todos os que apoiaram e participaram nesta ideia 😉

It´s A Boy! – Fan Project from daniela ruah fans on Vimeo.

Apr 14

The entire “NCIS: Los Angeles” team is on its way to Afghanistan to rescue Kensi (Daniela Ruah), who’s been captured by the Taliban. While she’s there, she discovers that she’s been sent to assassinate her ex-fiancé, Jack (Matthew Del Negro), who is living a completely new life as the White Ghost. Ruah talked to Yahoo TV about how this week’s episode, “Spoils of War,” will affect Kensi’s relationship with Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) and how Ruah’s experience as a new mother will affect her work on the show.


What can you tell us about shooting this episode?
It was awesome! It was very dark. It was very emotionally dark for [Kensi], considering what we’ve seen in the previous episodes with Jack, trying to figure out what happened there with him and in her past. This episode is very much going to be like a movie. If there were ever going to be an “NCIS: LA” movie, this would probably be similar to it. It’s incredible. It was written by Frank Military, who also debuts as a director in this episode. He’s also one of our darkest writers. Anytime we delve into something personal for any one of our characters on the show, it always makes for a great episode. I think viewers really enjoy when they get to know us a little bit — to be part of milestones that end up shaping who [the characters] are in the future, and that’s very much what this episode is.

How is it affecting your relationship with other members of the team, especially Deeks?
I think it will inevitably affect their relationship. They were coming so close to turning into something for them, and then all of a sudden, Hetty [Linda Hunt] sends Kensi away on this mission. And she sends her away for a few months with very little contact with Deeks other than photographs they send each other. I think it’s like… what’s the expression? All of a sudden I’m thinking in Portuguese and I’m trying to translate into English! [Laughs.] It’s a stone in their shoe, it’s a thorn in their side. [Laughter.] Damn foreigners! It will affect them; of course, it will affect them. Kensi confronts Jack and that whole situation from her past. It was unfinished business, for sure. But I think she finally came to terms with the fact that she was probably never going to see him again, and suddenly he shows up in a really strange setting for her, completely out of context. She thought he was dead or probably at least living in America. And it turns out he’s living in Afghanistan with this whole other life that he’s started. And he was the love of her life at one point. And what does that do to see the love of her life? If you think it’s not a real relationship, I think these two are definitely in some sort of relationship, Kensi and Deeks. So it affects it. Of course it does.

Read the entire interview HERE.

Source: Yahoo TV

Mar 14

Does what happens in Afghanistan stay in Afghanistan? For NCIS: LA’s Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah), the answer is probably not.


On Tuesday’s episode (9/8c, CBS), Callen (Chris O’Donnell), Sam (LL Cool J) and Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) are sent to Afghanistan to rescue Kensi, who’s being held captive by the Taliban after a botched anti-terrorism mission in which she discovered that the alleged traitor she was sent to assassinate is none other than her former fiancé, Jack (Matthew Del Negro).

“I think this is probably my favorite episode that we’ve shot,” Ruah tells TVGuide.com. “It’s sort of like a movie. The action’s incredible. I think everybody was on their game, when it came to performances. There’s some really intense scenes. … It’s the team fighting for one of their own, which always makes for a good episode. There’s a lot at stake.”

The question, of course, is less whether Kensi will make it safely out of Afghanistan and more about what kind of condition she’ll be in when she returns. “She obviously cannot go unaffected by everything that’s happened,” Ruah says. “She’s a really strong woman and she does the best she can to get back in the job. She’s desperate to get back to normality, if that’s even a word. … I think there may repercussions later on with that.”

Hetty (Linda Hunt), for one, is “not entirely confident about Kensi’s psychological and emotional abilities when she first comes back,” Ruah notes. “So we’ll see how that pans out.”

Aside from any professional or emotional consequences, will Kensi’s encounter with Jack be the latest in a long line of wrenches thrown into her budding romance with Deeks?

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Source: TV Guide

Mar 14

This Tuesday at 9/8c, CBS’ NCIS: Los Angeles team makes tracks for Afghanistan, to track down and rescue a fallen-off-the-grid Kensi. TVLine spoke with new mom Daniela Ruah about filming Kensi’s solo mission while increasingly pregnant, her character’s conflict, “turbulent” times for Deeks and a somewhat controversial clobbering.

TVLINE | As I’ve spoken to Shane Brennan over the past six months or so, I’ve marveled at what he was able to pull together to work around the pregnancy and spin an exciting yarn, all without missing a beat. When did you tell him what was going on?
I held off from telling anybody but family until the 12-week mark, but that happened to come along about two weeks before we started shooting the season, which bode well for me because I gave Shane plenty of time to make a plan. So I scheduled a call and said I had some awesome news, that I’m 12 weeks pregnant, and his reaction was one of immediate joy. I said, “I know this is kind of like going to happen in the middle of the season, which doesn’t make things easy for anybody…,” but he was like, “No. No. No. This is the most joyous thing that’ll ever happen to you. Take advantage of every moment of it!”

TVLINE | I think the only consideration in this particular instance is that it’s one thing for Scandal’s pregnant Kerry Washington, who has fashionable pocketbooks and Oval Office furniture to hide behind, while we’re used to seeing Kensi running around in the field, packing heat, chopping guys down….
Right. I mean, the fact that they [accommodated] all of this is a huge, huge testament to how creative and supportive our writing staff is. It would have been so easy for them to just say, “OK. We sent Kensi to Afghanistan and she’ll be back when she’s back” — and they didn’t.

TVLINE | What did pre-filming Kensi’s storyline translate into for you?
I kept working until I was seven-and-a-half months pregnant. That was actually one of the reasons why they sent me to a place that would be cold, so I’d have an excuse to wear all that clothing and hide the belly. Scott Gemmill wrote the loose scenes of Kensi’s time in Afghanistan and then the writers of each episode would basically take those and make sense of them when they wrote their respective episodes. As I watched the show, it didn’t feel like the scenes stood out as being something we shot three months ago.

TVLINE | Any fun anecdotes of braving “Afghanistan” while pregnant?
In the scene where I purposely missed the shot with Jack, I think I was six-and-a-half months pregnant, so we dug a hole in the sand that I was fitting my belly inside. And then when the bad guys started shooting in my direction, I remember feeling like a turtle on my back, not being able to get back up! [Laughs] It was pretty funny. In the future, I can be like, “Hey, River, you were right there during those scenes,” if [my son] ever decides to go back and watch my work.

Read the entire interview HERE.

Source: TV Line

Mar 14

Eric was a guest at this morning´s Queen Latifah Show, where he talked about his experience as an actor on NCIS: Los Angeles, being a new parent and also about his soon-to-be sister in law and co-star, Daniela Ruah (min 4:00).
Thanks to Kria for the entire video interview! 😉