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May 13

Thanks to Holly, we now have the HQ scans of TV Guide Magazine May 2013 edition, with the interview of Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen. Enjoy 😉

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May 13

Wonderful reviews for “Proof” just keep popping up! This time by The Los Angeles Post and Review Plays. Daniela gets a really amazing critic in both of them! If you´re in the area of Los Angeles, you won´t want to miss the chance to go see this play at The Hayworth Theatre.
Saturday nights at 8pm and Sundays at 3pm – May 9,10,11 & 12 Closing Weekend!

(Los Angeles Post) PROOF by David Auburn Reviewed by Rosé Desena:
Daniela Ruah is perfect as the quick-witted and slightly sarcastic troubled daughter of Robert (James Whitmore). You can take the girl out of her regular gig on TV, but you can’t get her out of her snappy little attitude she exudes as Kensi on NCIS-LA. It works just as well on the stage as she defends herself against her sister Claire (Aliah Whitmore). Yes, you read right — not only does Whitmore direct, she also appears on stage herself (a task which is extremely difficult to pull off). Whitmore does it very well. It’s not easy to move from TV to the stage; I was surprised to hear it was a debut for Daniela; she seemed very comfortable and snapped out her lines like a Broadway pro.
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(Review Plays) PROOF by David Auburn Reviewed by Jose Ruiz:
Daniela Ruah brings an exceptional sense of desperation to Catherine. She draws a fine line showing us that Catherine doesn’t really know what she wants but definitely has a clear idea of what she doesn’t want. We’re used to seeing Ruah as a confident, self-assured person when she plays Kensi on TV, but here she is the complete opposite, bringing a genuine sense of anguish and borderline despair to the role. This is Daniela’s debut on an American stage and she provides ample proof that she has the presence to be eagerly sought to do more in the future. Hal is seen as a person who is genuinely interested in advancing math but we are not sure that he will always be completely above board to achieve his ends. Dustin Seavey, who has been seen in both NCIS shows and in Vegas on TV is believable as he juggles to reason between Claire and Catherine, often to no avail.
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May 13

Thanks to NCIS LA Source, we now have the latest promotional stills for the Season 4 Finale episode 4.24 “Descent”, to be aired May 14th. Enjoy 😉

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May 13

I need some NCIS: LA scoop on Kensi and Deeks. Will the box return? — Chelsea
ADAM: Sort of. Executive producer Shane Brennan says that what the box symbolizes will be explored. “If you look at the box as a ratcheting up of their personal relationship, you will not be disappointed,” Brennan says. “There is a very poignant moment between Kensi and Deeks in the finale that will surprise everyone.” How poignant, you ask? Let’s just say that people do crazy things when they’re about to die.