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Do you have any news on the upcoming NCIS: LA spin-off? — Bradley, via Twitter ADAM: In the backdoor pilot episode of NCIS: LA, our merry band of agents meet the NCIS: Red team when a Marine’s murder in Idaho bears a striking resemblance to that of a suspected terrorist in Los Angeles. Sam and […]

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NCIS: Los Angeles’ March 5 episode, ‘Wanted’, directed by Chris O’Donnell (who plays Callen), will explore the personal life of LL Cool J’s Sam Hanna, whose wife, Michelle (Aunjanue Ellis), is back for the first time since November and again goes undercover as her CIA alias, Quinn. “There are some really strange things that happen […]

For those who are wondering what Daniela Ruah and the other KTLA lady talk about when they start talking in portuguese, here it is: Natas Pastries. Go visit them! 🙂

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‘NCIS: LA’: WHICH COUPLE WILL BE K-I-S-S-I-N-G BY 2013? I have been loving the flirting between Eric and Nell this season, it has been adorable to witness! Can we hope to see more of it this season and see that relationship continue? – Cheryl Remember the almost-kiss between Nell and Eric earlier this season? Remember […]

Daniela Ruah joined the radio station Artists On Demand last wednesday to talk about the new season of NCIS: LA, her character “Special Agent Kensi Blye”, and what to expect next from her. Listen to the audiostream broadcast HERE. Ouçam a entrevista de rádio que a Daniela fez esta quarta feira, para a estação de […]

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Without question, the Oct. 9 episode of NCIS: L.A. is the mother of all mysteries. While the team tracks down a suspect in a casino, four women – portrayed by the lead actors’ real-life mothers – are playing poker. When executive producer Shane Brennan e-mailed the CBS drama’s stars with the idea, “I thought it […]

NCIS: LA’s Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) will soon be kicking ass a little west of Los Angeles when she heads to Hawaii Five-0 in an upcoming episode of the show’s second season. But what takes her all the way to the sandy shores of Hawaii? In real life, it didn’t take much, NCIS: LA executive […]

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NCIS: LA | Leading off with a dip into the reader mailbag, Laura wants to know if there’s any “Densi” goodness coming up in Season 4. The good news: There is. The better news: You won’t have to wait long for it. Coming off the super-intense season opener (airing Sept. 25), Episode 2 will deliver […]

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The never-dull life of NCIS: Los Angeles Agent Kensi Blye (played by Daniela Ruah) this season will be shaken up a bit by the introduction of a young woman. TVLine has learned that Abbie Cobb, who has had recurring roles on Suburgatory (playing Dalia’s gal pal Kimantha) and The Secret Life of the American Teenager […]