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AFTER SAM’S WIFE, MICHELLE, IS TAKEN FROM HOME, THE KIDNAPPERS DEMAND THE PRISON RELEASE OF TAHIR KHALED, SAM’S ARCH NEMESIS, IN EXCHANGE FOR HER WHEREABOUTS, ON “NCIS: LOS ANGELES,” SUNDAY, MAY 7 Anslem Richardson Guest Stars as Tahir Khaled and Aunjanue Ellis Guest Stars as Michelle Hanna “Uncaged” – After Sam’s wife, Michelle (Aunjanue Ellis), […]

HETTY’S FORMER VIETNAM WAR COLLEAGUES PARTNER WITH THE NCIS TEAM AFTER A FORMER NAVY COMMANDER KIDNAPS A CORRUPT VETERANS AFFAIRS ADMINISTRATOR, ON “NCIS: LOS ANGELES,” SUNDAY, APRIL 23 John M. Jackson Guest Stars as Retired Admiral AJ Chegwidden, James Remar Guest Stars as Admiral Sterling Bridges, and Carl Lumbly Guest Stars as Retired Captain Charles […]

THE NCIS TEAM INVESTIGATES A DEFENSE CONTRACTOR SUSPECTED OF SELLING NAVY SECRETS TO A FOREIGN GOVERNMENT, ON “NCIS: LOS ANGELES,” SUNDAY, APRIL 9 Lou Ferrigno Jr. Guest Stars as Victor Larmont and Shanna Collins Guest Stars as Rebecca Larmont “From Havana with Love” – The NCIS team investigates a defense contractor, Rebecca Larmont (Shanna Collins), […]

Foram adicionadas à galeria 5 novas imagens de produção da curta-metragem “Excuse”, protagonizada por Daniela Ruah e Alberto Frezza, e realizada por Diogo Morgado. Fiquem atentos a mais novidades em breve 😉 Our photogallery has been updated with 5 new production stills from the upcoming short-film “Excuse”, starring Daniela Ruah and Alberto Frezza, and directed […]

THE NCIS TEAM EXPOSES TWO CON ARTISTS WHO BOUNCE BETWEEN RETIREMENT HOMES RUNNING SCAMS ON THE ELDERLY, ON “NCIS: LOS ANGELES,” SUNDAY, MARCH 5 Debra Jo Rupp and Martin Mull Guest Star as Con Artists Ginger and Edward O’Boyle “Old Tricks” – After a retirement home resident is kidnapped, the NCIS team uncovers a pair […]

Here are two promotional stills from episode 8×16 “Old Tricks”. Any chance of some NCIS: LA scoop? I can exclusively reveal that Debra Jo Rupp and Martin Mull will guest star in a March episode, where the duo hops from retirement home to retirement home scamming the elderly out of their money. Their latest con […]

Yay! Peter Cambor is back as Nate in this one! 😀 SAM IS SENT UNDERCOVER AT A PRIVATE SECURITY FIRM AFTER A NAVY RESERVIST IS MURDERED WHILE PROTECTING A CITY COUNCILMAN, ON “NCIS: LOS ANGELES,” SUNDAY, JAN. 8 Bar Paly Returns as Anna Kolcheck “Kulinda” – After a Navy reservist is killed while protecting a […]

Finally!! A new promotional photo featuring Daniela Ruah as “Kensi Blye”! 🙂 THE NCIS LA TEAM INVESTIGATES FOREIGN CYBER THREATS FOLLOWING THE DISAPPEARANCE OF A NAVY LIEUTENANT COMMANDER, ON “NCIS: LOS ANGELES,” SUNDAY, DEC. 18 Bar Paly Returns as Anna Kolcheck “Tidings We Bring” – Sam partners with Anna (Bar Paly) and Callen goes with […]

CBS has moved up the Sunday debut of NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8. The two-hour special, originally set to air on Oct. 2 and Oct. 9, will now debut at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on Sept. 25 — barring any additional NFL overrun. The following week, the show will resume it´s regular airing time: 8/7c. For […]