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Comece o ano com a equipa de elite da FOX. A 6ª temporada de “Investigação Criminal: Los Angeles” estreia Quinta-feira dia 1 Janeiro, às 22.15, com episódio duplo. A emissão regular será às Quartas-feiras, também às 22.15, na FOX Portugal. Investigação Criminal: Los Angeles Temporada 6… por DanielaRuahFans

Back in 2009, Daniela Ruah starred in the dark thriller “Midnight Passion”, a short-film shot in New York by Spanos Pictures Productions. Although there was talk of a release in 2010 it unfortunately never got the green light. However, thanks to Sun City Post, the company responsible for location sound and post production, we can […]

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“Reign Fall” – Sam reflects on his own upbringing and relationship with his father when the team investigates the murders of marines who have sons in military academies, on NCIS: Los Angeles, Monday, Dec. 8 at 10/9c. Only CBS.