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Get a first look at Daniela Ruah´s portrayal of “Catherine” during rehearsals of Whitmore Eclectic´s Theatre Production PROOF, by David Auburn, which premieres tonight. We would like to wish the best of luck for tonight´s Premiere! Break a leg Daniela! 🙂 PROOF (2013) SOURCE

Daniela and Eric were spotted by JFX Online last thursday filming a scene for NCIS Los Angeles in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles and I´ve added a few photos to the gallery. Thanks to our lovely Twitter follower @ilovencisladens for the heads up! 😀 Gallery Link Home > NCIS Los Angeles > On […]

Chris O’Donnell has already shown his acting chops by starring as special agent G. Callen on NCIS: Los Angeles for the past four seasons. But the star also recently got the chance to direct the show and we went behind the scenes for Chris’s directorial debut of tonight’s all-new episode! “I’ve loved it,” said Daniela […]

I´ve finally updated all the photos that were missing to the gallery, namely several NCIS Los Angeles On Set photos, 2010 Candids and Parties/Events that Daniela attended. Enjoy 😉 Home > NCIS Los Angeles > On Set > Season 1> S01E03 Predator Home > NCIS Los Angeles > On Set > Season 1> S01E10 Brimstone […]

Chris O’Donnell has starred on NCIS: Los Angeles as special agent “G. Callen” for each of the procedural drama’s four seasons. Passionate about getting behind the lens, he recently directed an episode of the show, and ET gauged the cast’s reaction to his directing. While a little friction between O’Donnell and his co-stars wouldn’t be […]