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I´ve finally updated all the photos that were missing to the gallery, namely several NCIS Los Angeles On Set photos, 2010 Candids and Parties/Events that Daniela attended. Enjoy 😉 Home > NCIS Los Angeles > On Set > Season 1> S01E03 Predator Home > NCIS Los Angeles > On Set > Season 1> S01E10 Brimstone […]

Chris O’Donnell has starred on NCIS: Los Angeles as special agent “G. Callen” for each of the procedural drama’s four seasons. Passionate about getting behind the lens, he recently directed an episode of the show, and ET gauged the cast’s reaction to his directing. While a little friction between O’Donnell and his co-stars wouldn’t be […]

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AGAINST HIS WISHES, SAM’S WIFE RESUMES HER FORMER CIA COVER AFTER A HIT ON A RUSSIAN MOB BOSS LEADS THE TEAM TO SUSPECT SIDOROV, ON “NCIS: LOS ANGELES,” TUESDAY, MARCH 5 Series Star Chris O’Donnell Directs the Episode Aunjanue Ellis (“The Mentalist,” “The Help”) Returns to Guest Star as Sam’s Wife “Wanted” – Sam fears […]

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Do you have any news on the upcoming NCIS: LA spin-off? — Bradley, via Twitter ADAM: In the backdoor pilot episode of NCIS: LA, our merry band of agents meet the NCIS: Red team when a Marine’s murder in Idaho bears a striking resemblance to that of a suspected terrorist in Los Angeles. Sam and […]

The amazing Meghan from our affiliate NCIS LA Source has released some new stills for the 4×15 “History” episode, to be aired next tuesday, February 19th. Enjoy the new photos! 😉 AN INVESTIGATION LEADS THE NCIS: LA TEAM ON THE TRAIL OF A FORMER TERRORIST GROUP AND SENDS KENSI AND DEEKS INTO THE WOODS ON […]

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NCIS: Los Angeles’ March 5 episode, ‘Wanted’, directed by Chris O’Donnell (who plays Callen), will explore the personal life of LL Cool J’s Sam Hanna, whose wife, Michelle (Aunjanue Ellis), is back for the first time since November and again goes undercover as her CIA alias, Quinn. “There are some really strange things that happen […]