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No próximo dia 2 de Maio, às 21h15, não percam uma grande entrevista à actriz Daniela Ruah conduzida pelo jornalista Vítor Gonçalves, na RTP. 😉 Vejam, abaixo, todas as fotos dos bastidores das gravações da entrevista no link da galeria. Edição Especial – Grande Entrevista RTP com Daniela Ruah – Bastidores

The scans for the “CBS Watch! Magazine” March/April 2018 issue featuring Daniela Ruah are now available at the gallery link below. Enjoy the read! 🙂 You may know her as the woman who has been (spoiler alert!) kidnapped, thrown into a coma, and plopped into Afghanistan to stop an assassin on the CBS’s hit drama […]

We finally have some interviews from the CBS International Press Day that took place last November. In these two new interviews (one from Hungary and another from New Zealand), Daniela talks about, among other things, the beginning of Season 9 and the next steps for her character “Kensi”, how the cast dealt with the loss […]

By PAULETTE COHN When NCIS: Los Angeles returns, Hetty (Linda Hunt) is being held hostage in Vietnam and is in danger of being auctioned off to the highest bidder, enemies of the U.S. who want to pick her brain for all the knowledge she has accumulated in her years as an agent. It is looking […]

Article by Fred Bronson Photo by Jeff Katz Photography On May 13, 2017, Salvador Sobral won the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest with “Amar Pelos Dois,” written by his sister, Luisa Sobral. It was the first win for Portugal in 49 tries over 54 years and broke the longest winless streak of any country. By tradition, […]

A agente especial Kensi Blye regressa na quinta-feira, dia 28, com a nona temporada de Investigação Criminal: Los Angeles. E há novidades: entraram duas novas personagens femininas e afro-americanas, renovando a dinâmica e refletindo o apetite por mais diversidade na televisão. Falámos com Daniela Ruah em Los Angeles, durante a apresentação de mais uma série […]

During a cake cutting celebration on the set of NCIS: Los Angeles, the cast reminisce about 9 seasons on the hit drama series and share what fans can expect in episode 200. The 200th episode of NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sunday, Nov. 19th (9:30-10:30 pm ET/9:00-10:00 pm PT) on the CBS Television Network. Check below […]

by PAULETTE COHN One fair aspect of NCIS: Los Angeles is that the show is all about gender equality when it comes to putting its characters in jeopardy, so this week its female agent — Special Agent Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) — is transported to a nuclear missile launch facility to try to stop a […]